Acupuncture : How it works, uses, and benefits

There are a lot of benefits and something most people don’t know about Acupuncture Healing.
Why not come to our workshop “Acupuncture : How it works, uses, and benefits” on Sep 12th.
You will definitely learn a lot from it, I promise 😉✍🏻!

【About the speaker 】
Acupuncturist Lixin Li, a highly skilled and compassionate acupuncture practitioner dedicated to the art of healing and well-being.
With a wealth of knowledge in Traditional Daoist acupuncture, Li brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to his practice, helping countless patients on their journey to better health.

【Content 】
1. Preventing illnes
2. How to stay healthy
3. Acupuncture healing
4. Q&A


12 Sep 2023


10:15 am - 12:15 pm




London Chinese Community Centre
2 Leicester Court, London, WC2H 7DW