Our mission

To empower members of the Chinese Community.

To work with members of the Chinese Community to meet their needs.

To preserve Chinese culture, arts and heritage.

What we do

The London Chinese Community Centre (CCC) is a vital social and learning hub for the Chinese community. It provides a wide range of services and organises a variety of activities to improve the quality of life and well-being of the Chinese community, particularly those who are disadvantaged, isolated or vulnerable. In particular, we aim to assist people of Chinese heritage of all ages to better integrate into UK culture and society. Our expert staff provide confidential and impartial one-on-one support in areas where many struggle, such as welfare, education, housing, health, employment and family/personal problems.

Outreach visits are made to the housebound and vulnerable. Talks, workshops and classes are organised and designed to foster independence and well-being. Translated leaflets are available for those struggling with English, and English classes are regularly taught to learn the basics of how to get around. Events are organised throughout the year to promote Chinese culture.

On a broader scale, we aim to be a strong voice for the interests and opinions of the Chinese Community, campaign for equal rights and opportunities, and promote UK-China relations.

How we are funded

The CCC is a UK-registered charity that is self-funded. We do not receive any regular government funding from the UK or China. We generate our own income by regularly organising fundraising events and maintaining a membership programme that gives access to many activities, classes and workshops. Grants, sponsorships and donations from individuals, companies and institutions further help us in our journey.

The overall income we generate allows the day-to-day running of the Centre and provides ways for us to make our activities and services accessible.

Our history

The London Chinese Community Centre (CCC) was founded in 1979 by Dr Abraham Sek Tong Lue. As the Vice Dean at King’s College and a volunteer teacher at the Chinese Language School in Euston, Dr Lue saw an increasing number of parents come to him for advice and assistance in translating letters from schools, councils and doctors. Upon realising there was a growing demand and need for support services for the Chinese community, he decided to create the CCC, the first Chinese Community Centre in the UK. The CCC was officially recognised as a charity in 1980 and saw approximately 1000 people passed through its door during its opening year.

Over the last 40 years, CCC supported more than 50,000 people. In the past 20 years alone, the CCC secured claims of over £29m in benefits to assist those in need. Since its founding, the CCC has become one of the busiest of its kind in Europe and has attracted support from the Royal Family, Westminster City Council, the Metropolitan Police, the local Soho community and many other partners.

Following Dr Lue’s vision and determination, the Chinese Community Centre opened in the heart of London’s Chinatown and has been serving Britain’s Chinese community for over 40 years.

 We pay tribute to the trustees, volunteers and staff of the CCC for their work helping people of Chinese heritage of all ages. We are particularly grateful for the support the CCC gave to isolated older people during the Covid pandemic.
Louise Hyams, Mark Shearer, Tim Mitchell
Councillors for St James’ Ward, Westminster City Council

Our people

Our Founder

Dr. Abraham Sek Tong Lue, MBE, CMG

The late Dr. Abraham Sek-Tong Lue was a fellow at King’s College, London, where he taught in the Mathematics Department for 30 years.

He was the founder of the Chinese Community Centre in London (1979), and played an active role in promoting China-UK relations.

Our Chairman

Christine Yau, MBE

Christine Yau has been the Chairman of the Chinese Community Centre for over 10 years, co-Chairman of the Soho Society and the vice Chairman of the Chinatown Stakeholders Group.

She played a leading role in the Chinatown Action Plan published in 2003, and the Chinatown Renewal Scheme in 2004-2005, which was shortlisted at the London Planning Awards for the best Community Project.

Our Trustees

Christine Yau
Dominique Lee
Trustee & Legal Adviser
Ian Haworth

Our Team

Beverley Lin
Centre Director
Jessica Chan

Administrative Officer

Keiko Lin
Marketing Executive
Zoe Lee
Administrative Officer
Rachel Lin
Info & Advice Worker
William Au Yeung
Info & Advice Worker
Kahoo Kan
Office Support
Xiao Wang
Facilities Assistant
Duc Quan Phung
Head Chef

Our Teachers and Instructors

HL Mok
Yoga teacher
Jon Alagoa
Taekwondo instructor
Amy Maloney
Cantonese teacher
Shu Chen Warner
Mandarin teacher
Simon & Jenny Wong
Tai Chi instructors
Sanly Ha
Calligraphy tutor
Oliver Chan
Chinese Painting teacher
Julie Zhu
Guzheng teacher
HY Ton
Chinese Bone Setting physician
Maria Tai
Language Corner & Smartphone teacher

Our partners

 I have seen first hand the spectacular work undertaken by the staff and volunteers at the Chinese Community Centre; how lives are changed and improved by their help and guidance. It throws a lifeline for many, sometimes a meal, the company of friends, help generally with life in London where even filing a form can be daunting. The centre knows where the potholes lie for its members and provides an invaluable guide. Its work is important, its reputation unassailable. The Hippodrome is proud to play a small part in its continued success.
Simon Thomas
Executive Chairman,
The Hippodrome Casino
Age UK
Brent Cross
City Bridge Trust
City of Westminster
The Hippodrome Casino London
Historic Royal Palaces
Genting Casino
Hong Kong Economic And Trade Office London
London Chinatown Taekwondo
Horizons Casino
Metropolitan Police Service
UK Society of Chinese Lawyers
Bank of East Asia
Westminster Adults Education Services
Embassy of the People's Republic of China
West End Community Trust
See Woo
Royal Collection Trust
Shaftesbury Capital