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To empower members of the Chinese Community.

To work with members of the Chinese Community to meet their needs.

To preserve Chinese culture, arts and heritage.


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A word from our chairman

When I first came to London in 1985 and established my small restaurant in 1986 in Soho, Ming now Yming, London was booming but a certain renewal and improvement were much needed. For example, Gerrard Street had become the victim of its own success due to heavy and non-stop footfall. The pavement became dirty, slippery and uneven, making it unsafe to walk particularly for the elderly on rainy days.

Westminster City Council set about renewing the centre of London and the 2002-2003 renewal plan included Chinatown. Working together with the landlords, particularly Shaftesbury Plc, Gerrard Street was repaved in 2006, clustered street furniture was removed and the street was turned into a safe and pleasant promenade. Londoners and visitors thronged the streets, shops and restaurants. Improvements continued throughout Chinatown right up to the unveiling of the traditional Chinese gate in Wardour Street in 2015.

Now, we need to do this all over again. Let’s all join forces with the city council and make sure Chinatown prospers once again and become a lively and safe place for visitors, workers and residents.

Our Centre is right in Chinatown with two tube stations for the Piccadilly and Northern line close by. We welcome your visit and look forward to the joy of seeing you in our Centre.

Christine Yau, MBE
CCC Chairman

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